Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Disable "your organization requires you to change your password" in Windows 10

 This might not be part of the open source, but its just a thing to blog.

Recently a windows 10 Home, login screen after successfully entering the PIN popup the message "your organization requires you to change your password" and forced users to change the pin before proceeding. Those who were not aware, changed it, but did not remember this new PIN the next time they needed to login.

I am trying out this method, but can't say it works as I have not done more test. Its just for my record


In Windows 10, press Win+r and type regedit

Scroll through Registry Editor, explorer like navigation as follow


Look for the item within that sub-folder named Policies\PINComplexity where it contain several value. Change the value named "Expiration". Double click and choose decimal. In Value data put in the number of days before the PIN expires. 

I can't say whats the correct value to disable, but for now I am using the Value data=600 (in decimal). Expecting the PIN to last 600 days. Maybe Windows 11 would be out by then.

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