Monday, February 4, 2013

Android 4.1.2 on Samsung S3

Update from Android 4.1.1 to 4.1.2 on Samsung S3 was straight forward. There were not many noticeable changes so I am listing what were the initial encounters;

  1. Pull down Notification bar have 2 new buttons
    1. AllShare cast - to share the screen with other S3 devices. Yet to get a chance to test it.
    2. Multi window - Allow a menu on the left side of the screen to appear with a list of apps. Two of these apps can be dragged to the screen and viewed at the same time. One app appears at top half and the other at bottom half. Click the horizontal bar at the centre and there are options to switch both app locations or to use the full screen.
  2. Pull down Notification bar doesn't have the Sync button - Looks like have to sync emails and calendars manually from the settings as the "Auto Sync" button is lost. If you really have the battery and want to leave the sync on, try editing Notification bar or follow this; Left button, choose "System settings" ->"Data Usage". Left button, choose "Auto sync data".
  3. Edit buttons on Notification bar - Default install have omitted the Sync button, but it can be added back to the Notification bar. To add or remove buttons, Click the Menu button (Left button), Choose "System settings" ->"Display" ->"Notification Panel". Drag additional buttons from the Available Buttons bar into empty spaces in the Notification panel bar.
  4. Keyboard includes a predictive feature that I could only disable when it appeared the first time I tried to use the keyboard. This include words from all the Facebook, ChatOn, social networking tools. I do not see the option to change the settings anywhere.
  5. Chrome web browser is included. If you use Chrome on your desktop, and signed in, the same apps open and saved bookmarks can be seen on the S3.
  6. The Gallery app provides 3 different views to show photos in an Album. In Gallery, choose the top right corner button to switch views.
  7. Coming soon...

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