Monday, June 20, 2016

Backup Thunderbird 45 on MS Windows 10

Just after installing the Kubuntu Jaunty 9.04 Linux, its time to restore some of my stuff. Firstly, I need communications and this is via my Thunderbird.

Thunderbird email client allow access of emails from online email providers and a local storage of email. It may be necessary to move these local emails and local Thunderbird profile to another PC or to be saved as a backup.

Here is the manual method. Save the local configurations by copying the files as listed in these locations to the backup location.

  • Thunderbird 45.1.1
  • MS Windows 10


Step 1. Identify location of the files for backup.

There are a few ways to do this, one of which is to open Thunderbird menu (3 horizontal lines), click Options-> Account settings. Then follow the steps below.
1. Signature. Right click the email account-> Account settings. In the right window, look for
Attach signature from a file instead

2. Email configuration profile. Right click the email account-> Account setting ->Server Settings ->Local directory

3. Local folders for offline access. Right click the Local folders ->Server Settings ->Local directory

4. Digital certificates. Right click the email account-> Account setting ->Manage Identities...
Then choose the email profile(s) and click Edit and choose the tab for Security.

Step 2. Stop Thunderbird and compact all large folders.


Empty all Deleted folders

Step 3. Copy files in Step 1 to the new location.


Step 1:
Copy the directory profile back to the new system

Step 2:
In the terminal create an email profile that uses the old directory, type

thunderbird -profilemanager


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