Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Howto add menu to Gnome

Centos 6.3 defaults with the Gnome desktop. After installing / creating a custom application, how do you add it to the start menu?

Answer: Install alacarte

Step 1: Install Alacarte

# yum install alacarte

Step 2: Add the new program as a menu item.

Click System ->Preferences ->Main Menu
Choose the menu and add the new item.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kubuntu - USB disk does not mount

Followup from the Kubuntu 10.04 installation, for those who have opted to stay on with Kubuntu 10.04, mounting of USB disk is done manually or alternatively, install usbmount.

Using the Package Manager or at the command line, install the following packages

  1. usbmount
  2. pmount
Additionally, if you have NTFS (windows default file system, install the following package
  1. ntfs-3g
Logout, then log back in and plug-in the USB disk (or thumb drive). Dolphin should pop up saying it detected the disk. The USB disk are mounted by default in the /media folder with the name of the partition.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stop 114a


Direct Apache access to SSL ports

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) provides an encrypted network connection and is seen to use the HTTPS protocol in the URL. To ensure that the web server only servers HTTPS, the following needs to be enabled before the HTTPS VirtualHost tag.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}:443%{REQUEST_URI}

What it means? turn off https if its https, then change the url to always use https.

Actually, you can put a lot more between the VirtualHost tag. E.g. choice of error pages to server and limiting which domain/IP address that can access the contents.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Screen capture your Android phone

On the Xperia X10i with Android 2.3, and most other Android phones, you can screen capture for purpose of troubleshooting, development, presentation and article writing. Here is listed the instructions on MS Windows 7.

Step 1: Install the Android SDK.

Step 2: Switch the X10i debug.
Click "left" button, choose "Settings" ->"Applications" ->"Development".

Click to Check "USB Debugging".

Step 3: Plug USB cable between X10i and PC.
If asked to charge, choose that option.

Step 4: On the PC, start the Dalvik Debug Monitor (DDMS)
Click the Windows "Start" button, and type following and press "Enter" key.


Switch to the android directory and type following and press "Enter" key.


Ensure that you choose your phone from the left list. In my case its written as "XXX [SonyEricsson:X10i]". From the top menu of DDMS, click "Device" ->"Screen capture..."

Step 5: Capture the screen on the Android device (X10i)

On the X10i, select the screen to be captured (or saved).

Then on the PC, the DDMS should show the same screen as the Android, click "Copy". Start the graphics software such as GIMP or MS Paint and "paste" the screen capture. Save as the filename of your choice.

I have not used the "Save" button on DDMS, so I can't say where it saves to.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bacula on Suse Linux

Anyone tried to install Bacula on Suse?
I started the search from the following site;

List of repos that can be used for the installation.

Bacula ver 5.2.1 + Suse 11

Bacula ver 5.2.1 +Suse 11&12

Webmin also list support as shown in
Bacula Backup System 1.590
DescriptionConfigure Bacula to perform backups and restores manually or on schedule, for one or many systems
AuthorJamie Cameron
Last updated2012-07-01 05:49:18

Will need to try again another day.

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