Monday, April 20, 2015

Did you know there is a Windows Remix?

Just heard a pretty awesome tune but wait till you see the video.

How many of these screens have you seen?

Fake listings on Google Maps

Why would you want to create a fake listing on Google Map?

Nice write-up from Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land on Bryan Seely who presented this weakness at TEDx Kirkland.

Advantages of being in the open source software is apparent here. If developers picked up on this, some form of followup or monitoring would have taken place.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Read DVD with Avidemux

Avidemux cannot directly open a DVD file. Instead a readable VOB file is needed to provide a format to access the DVD.

Operating system: MS Windows 7

Open a command prompt.

To create VOB for title 1, chapter 1, or in the DVD file its called VTS_01_0.vob, type

"E:\mplayer-svn-37386\mplayer.exe" dvd://1 -chapter 1 -dumpstream -dumpfile rippeddvd1_1.vob

To create VOB for title 2, or in the DVD file its called VTS_01_1.vob, type

"E:\mplayer-svn-37386\mplayer.exe" dvd://2 -dumpstream -dumpfile rippeddvd1_2.vob

To create VOB for chapter 2, or in the DVD file its called VTS_01_1.vob, type

"E:\mplayer-svn-37386\mplayer.exe" dvd://1 -chapter 2 -dumpstream -dumpfile rippeddvd1_2.vob

Alternatively if above still fails, use another application and convert the DVD to a readable format. E.g. Handbrake software.

Read for further details

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