Friday, October 3, 2008

Fresh install of

Downloaded and installed (OO0) 300m8 on the following platform.

Wine 0.9.46
Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6.0_04
Ubuntu Linux 7.10

Filed bugs:
#94603 because the File ->Open dialog didnt appear till I reboot.
#94604 because the drag and copy did not show a plus sign.
#94605 because the solver tool in Calc doesnt allow slection of multiple cells for "By Changing cells" option.
#94607 because the Impress is not able to play slides with graphics smoothly. See Image below.

#94609 because the Drawing tool didnt allow wrapping of images around 3D objects.

Noticeable changes in OOo3
  1. Start Centre Dialog (appears when OOo is open without any documents).
  2. Native Tables can be added to Impress slides. This includes Table design styles in the Task Menu.
  3. Calc sheet names can now contain non alphanumeric characters like % $ ' .
  4. Calc includes a solver tool that works.
  5. Writer notes feature that is displayed at side of the document with different colours for each user.

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