Friday, June 5, 2009

[Jaunty] Managing sound device

The recent Kubuntu 9.04 Linux uses the Pulseaudio to manage its sounds device selection. To enable all sound devices to use the Pulseaudio sound server, open a terminal and type

asoundconf set-pulseaudio

Any application that need to access the audio, including the ALSA will be sent to the Pulseaudio server. The settings can be configured at


Open or play a movie or sound and test if it works. If this does not work, reset back to use the default ALSA system with the command;

asoundconf reset-default-card

I am still trying to figure out the significant benefit of using Pulseaudio.


sweemeng said...

one nice thing about pulse audio is, you can adjust volume per application like vista does. so each running program sound is adjustable.

it just that you have to open the full menu to use it.

btw earcandy, use this capability, to automatically adjust sound, so when skype calls in for example, flash volume is reduced.

Tboxmy said...

I dont see any earcandy in the repos.

sweemeng said...

it is on ppa, not on official repo.

Anonymous said...


I had a small issue with sound on Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty.

Programs were competing for sound devices. e.g. when firefox was playing sound through flash movies, rhythmbox was desperately trying to make a sound. And vice-a-versa :)

This one helped to solve the problem! :)

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