Sunday, September 20, 2009

[Kubuntu] Upgrade OOo 3.1.1

Just did an upgrade to 3.1.1 and it seems to be working fine on Jaunty. Additionally, I had to install the and

The install provides OOo310m19 (build 9420).

For those who have been struggling with the slide transition preview, will now find it is much smoother. Same goes for the custom animations, great improvement. On the status bar of Impress, Calc and Writer it indicates when the document have been edited and needs to be saved.

The sliderbar to zoom is available for all 3 main components and you can also double click the zoom display to bring up the zoom dialog box.

Tried the overlining of text features, cool. Now, when will I ever need this?
There are a whole bunch of other features listed at

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