Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ThunderBird 2.0 Add-ons

Thunderbird 2.0 reached EOL Aug 2009 but Thunderbird 3.0 still does not have all the stuff and attractions for an upgrade, so here I am still using Thunderbird 2.0. What is Thunderbird?

Its an Email client, Calendering, Task and Contact Management. Allows access to Email accounts via POP or IMAP. It also supports GMail accounts, Unix mailbox and Newsgroup account access. A really great application to work with.

Some of the must have add-ons for my Thunderbird 2:
  1. Contacts Sidebar 0.7 - Allows me to forward VCards and access via F4 the addresses, copy and paste info of the VCard into email.
  2. Lightning 0.9 - The calendar and task Manager
  3. FG Printers 0.4.4 - Format printing if the calendars
  4. VCS Support - Allows me to import/export VCS calendars
  5. Automatic Export 0.3.0 - Allows automatic backup of the calendars

Other optional add-on:
  1. Provider for Google Calendar
  2. Bidi Mail UI
  3. PGP
  4. ThunderbrowseLink
There is a great forum at MozillaZine for updates and help.

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