Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Open Source Hardware Today

The spirit of open source software means providing access to the source code, friendly licensing models and community support (documentations, forums and social gatherings). Computer and electronic hardware have always been proprietary as it involved large sum of money and required access to specialised machines and technology in order to design and build hardware.

In October 2016, it is announced by Open Source Hardware Association the rollout of Open Source Hardware Certification Program (read more). Hopefully it will help to address the long time conflict of patent law with OSS licenses in regards to hardware. That's right, OSS relates to copyright laws in almost all cases I know, but when it comes to hardware, most of it refer to patent law.

The most well known license for open source hardware is the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). CERN list their licenses, hardware repository and projects that use their license at http://www.ohwr.org

More projects on hardware can be found at
Raspberry Pi

With the certification coming out, a growing list of open source hardware vendors and project, looks like the stars are shinning for open source hardware enthusiast and business.

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