Saturday, November 19, 2016

Oppo F1s How To Change Looks - Part 1

Oppo F1s is a decent phone running Android 5.1. Very responsive to the touch and with a nice big screen.

It's got a few things that new users just must do to personalize to look cute. Since there are so many things for customisation,  I will list few must know things to default theme.

Add screens

Default it comes with 2 screen where you can swipe left or right to go to each screen. Screens are a great way to organise contents. As you can see below,  there are 3 circles above the camera icon which means there are 3 screen.

Select an icon on the screen for the new screen. In this example,  I choose Theme Store icon and as drag it, the screen editor appears at bottom of screen.

Drag the icon to a new screen and release. If the icons are still wobbly or jello like,  tab on an empty space of the screen and it should end the editing mode. 

Create folder on a screen

Folders allow you to group several icons together on one screen.  With option to name the folder,  everything get more organised. Folders are shown as an icon with a little downwards arrow by it's side.

In order to create a folder,  identify the 2 icons for a folder.  Press on one icon and drag it on the centre of the other icon.  The icons will then be displayed in editing mode with the name of the folder above.  Click on that name and change the folder name.  Click the check mark and tap an empty space on the screen.

Change theme

Themes provide a feel of icon shapes,  background and lock screen that consistent.
Press Theme store icon and select a theme or press the download theme button.

The download button is to choose installed icons themes on the system.  Next press on apply and watch your screen and icon change. Other changes may effect fonts and lock screen.


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