Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Upgrade Android Studio to 3.1

New in Android Studio v3.1.1 on Stable channel are
  • For those who use C++, there is a CPU performance profiler that troubleshoot codes with the  simpleperf tool. 
  • Better lint support to check quality of codes for Kotlin (an alternative JAVA language). From the command line, lint can be accessed with the tool gradlew lint.
  • Improved  SQLite's and Room's table query and creation.
  • The default compiler uses D8 dexer which have the capability to make codes much smaller and more accurate step debugging.
  • Improved build output window to trace errors in a tree view.
  • Upgrade to the IntelliJ Idea 3.3 platform. This is the base platform of which Android Studio IDE is built.
  • Improved network profiler to trace network request on multi-threaded traffic.
The new version patch size is 456MB. Can hardly spot any difference from previous versions but its running much more smoother.

Android Studio 3.1.1 Workspace

Here is the current PC setup
  • Android Studio version: 3.0.1 (build 171.4443003) 
  • Centos 7.4 (64 bits) Linux 3.10.0 x86_64 amd64
  • OpenJDK 64-bit v1.8.0_161
  • Gradle 4.3.1
  • Apache Ant 1.9.6

This is how I upgraded to Android Studio 3.1.1

Check for updates

Canary or Stable channels can be check with the following steps.
Open Android Studio menu and click File ->Settings ->Preferences. On left panel choose Appearance & Behavoir ->System Setting ->Updates. Choose the Stable Channel from Automatically check updates for.

Click Check Now. This should retrieve latest update on the Stable Channel.

Step 1: Update Android Studio

Choose to update from the popup window when Android Studio is open.

Do the steps above if you have not retrieved the updates information. Click Update and Restart.

Alternatively, at the bottom of the Android Studio start page, click "Check" if you do not find the update option.

Once update starts, this will begin with download of the required files.

Step 2: Configuration

After it has installed the update, choose to import my settings from a previous version (keep existing configuration) from the window Import Studio Settings from: choose the option below and click "Ok"

Previous version (~/.AndroidStudio3.0/config)

Step 3: Update Plugin and other components

Close all emulators then open an existing project. This will have the usual build checks, once the gradle has started processing, the following window will appear.

Click Update to update Android Gradle Plugin to version 3.1.1 and Gradle to version 4.4. Wait until the Gradle project sync in progress... is completed.

At the window IDE and Plugin Updates, click "update". To update currently installed SDK and it tools, click "Update now".

Once completed download, click Finish. In my case it took 1.5GB of downloads.

Next up: Will write on creating a Fragment type application with Android Studio 3.1.

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