Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Firefox 1.5 extensions for weather

The Linux CentOS 5.1 is still using Firefox at the moment. To enhance Firefox usage there are Extensions that seems like little programs that can be added to Firefox. I can find the extensions at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/browse/type:1

I didnt have to search the web or memorise the URL link. Instead, in Firefox I on Tools -> Extensions and a nice dialog box appear where there is a hyperlink "Get more extension" at the bottom right. Click on this and a web browser brings you to the extension page.

I found a "forecast 0.9.6" that provides a nice display of the weather retrieved from accuweather.com web site. Currently it supports Firefox 1.5 -3 .0 which suits me just fine. At the firefox extension page, click on "Install now". Close all Firefox windows and open a new window. I am prompted with the option box for a default forecast location. I selected "Kuala Lumpur" and was given the following codes


The Forecast appears at the bottom of Firefox where profiles can be customised by right clicking the extension.

It says Mostly Cloudy, 30 deg Celcius today. It also shows the weather for the next 2 days. Yippee now I can plan my travels.

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