Saturday, April 26, 2008

Installing 2.4 2.4 is out for almost a month now. Finally got a chance to install it on CentOS 5.1 and Ubuntu 7.10 Linux. I have not been using the OOo that comes with either distros, so lets uninstall the previous OOo 2.3.1 (mainstream) from both distros.

STEP 1: Download OOo 2.4 from
note: The are different downloads for CentOS (RPM) and Ubuntu (DEB) distros.

STEP 2: Uninstall OOo 2.3.1 (from website)
  1. Change to the OOo install folder and run setup

    cd /opt/openoffice.org2.3
    sudo ./setup

  2. When OOo Installation screen opens, select to uninstall OOo complete.

STEP 3: Install OOo 2.4
  1. Change to the Desktop or wherever you downloaded the OOo 2.4

    cd ~/Desktop

  2. Extract the OOo 2.4 by right click as choose "Extract here" or type

    tar -xzvf OOo_2.4.0_LinuxIntel_install_en-US_deb.tar.gz

  3. Open a terminal and enter into the extracted directory (mine was called OOH680_m12_native_packed-1_en-US.9286)
  4. Run the setup programme at a terminal
    1. in Ubuntu
      sudo ./setup
    2. in CentOS
      su -
  5. Follow the installation instructions and when you are done, better re-login.

At first glance;
  1. It looks just like OOo 2.3.1
  2. Screen refresh rates are much better than OOo 2.3.1
  3. I have done a training session using OOo 2.3.1 materials and all works fine
  4. I have tried with some prev templates and all seems good. The templates include;
    1. calendrier
    2. OOOP-templates
    3. OOOP-accessories
  1. In Impress (on CentOS), I used the wizard to create and save a new presentation. Closed the presentation, then reopen with the slide names all reset to slide1, slide 2, slide 3. Arrgh where did all the slide names go to? I could not repeat this event so didnt file a bug.

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