Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kubuntu 8.10 recording sounds

In the midst of configuring Mr Potato to use Martha's own voice, I found that the default Kubuntu 8.10 did not come with any voice recorder. Had to install one of the easier to use recorder called Audacity and its Lame libraries (this is the name of a set of MP3 and other sounds converter library). In Gnome there was the gnome recorder that was a simplified recorder but this did not work in the KDE 4 environment.

Step 1: Install Audacity
sudo apt-get install audacity

Step 2: Install the sound libraries
sudo apt-get install xubuntu-restricted-extras

Audacity was recording great and am saving files to .ogg format. The export feature allows my to save the Artist name, Track title, Album title, Track number, year, Genre, Comments.

A wierd thing, when I save and close the project (.aup), then next time I open it again the recorder gives an error. Need to manually reset back manually the recording device to OSS: /dev/dsp each time the file is opened.

Well, Martha is happy to hear her voice in Mr. Potato

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