Saturday, December 27, 2008

Photos and Gwenview

Just tried to view photos from the dolphin file manager. Default of Kubuntu Intrepid is to launch Gwenview 2.1.3 which is rather new to me.

It is a nice basic tool that still uses KDE3. This may explain why the Gwenview plugin did not detect the KDE Image Plugins Interface (KIPI) which is kipi-plugins version 0.1.5-1ubuntu2 at the moment. It still doesnt show the EXIF info of photos. Keyboard short cuts are still not completely incorporated for faster navigations.

The main configuration files are:
  • gwenview.rc
  • gwenviewui.rc
View mode
The photo name and size is displayed on the right sidebar. Other functions are found on the right sidebar to edit the image and to manage file operations such as move and copy photos. I have not found a way to move to next photo without going to the browse mode. The PgUp and PgDn keys did not function as I'd like it to. I need to click on the flimstrip (enabled by choosing the "Thumbnail Bar" button) to allow the right and left arrow keys to move between photos.

The slider bar at the bottom allows a neat quick a zoom feature.

Gwenview in view mode.

Browse mode
Allows quick access to all photos. This includes basic editing features of rotation, mirror, flip, resize and crop.
Gwenview in browse mode.

Gwenview was not attractive enough at first glance but it takes time for one to grow interest in it.

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