Saturday, February 28, 2009

Drawing Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

Linux provides a number of resources to draw ERD for database designing. One such application is known as GNU Ferret that also generates the SQL syntax in the form of SQL92, MySQL, Postgresql and GerwinML. GNU Ferret is written in Tcl/Tk language and is formerly known as GerWin.

Use synaptic to install ferret or at the Ubuntu Linux command line type

sudo apt-get install ferret

Start the program from KMenu ->Application ->Development ->Ferret.

The first tab provides the project name and location to save the project.

The ER Diagram tab allows the design of the ERD itself in very simple form.

The Table Diagram tab shows the tables that will represent the ERD.

The Output tab generates the SQL statements for databases such as MySQL, Prostgresql and any SQL92 form.

A simple application that works! You can join at


Masokis said...

salam.. ferret.. baru tahu.. bagus gak. dia generate ERD sendiri bila dah siap isi maklumat..

masokis guna IDA

klau debian..
apt-get install ida

//bgus la blog ni..mcm2 ada :)

Evan said...

Does this work on DSL? (damn small Linux) I use creately an online diagram package will work on any destro. any thoughts?

Tboxmy said...

Give it a try if you have DSL. Good to know the results.

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