Thursday, April 29, 2010

Impressive Impress and Converting Slides to AVI

Just completed an Impress slide and converted into AVI and MPEG. Final presentation was in AVI, the MPEG can be used for the web as its only half the AVI size.

Tools useds;
  1. Slides - 3.1 Impress
  2. Recording slides - recordmydesktop
  3. Video editing - Avidemux
  4. Graphics - GIMP
  5. Audio - Audacity
  6. OGV to AVI converter - mencoder
  7. AVI to MPEG converter - Download helper (extension for firefox) + mencoder
  8. Operating System - Ubuntu & Kubuntu (2 PCs)
Side note:
The Impress extensions installed to improve the presentation was "Presentation Minimiser" to reduce the slide file size and "" to add slide transitions. Here are examples of how the additional slide transitions looked like.

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