Monday, June 27, 2011

Clone a VirtualBox disk

Duplicating a disk for a new VirtualBox VM requires addressing the disk UUID conflict with same value. The following steps address this matter.

1. Start VirtualBox graphical interface (GUI), and edit settings for the VM using the disk we wish to clone. E.g VM name is centos and the virtual disk as centos_hdd.vdi

2. Remove (Do not delete) this disk from the VM.

3. At a command prompt
VBoxManage clonehd centos_hdd.vdi copy_centos_hdd.vdi
VBoxManage internalcommands setvdiuuid copy_centos_hdd.vdi

The first command duplicates the virtual disk. In the second command we assign a new UUID to the new disk (copy_centos_hdd.vdi)

4. Return to VirtualBox GUI and attach back the centos.vdi to the VM.

5. Create a new VM to attach the copy_centos_hdd.vdi

The new virtual machine is ready to use the cloned virtual disk. As a note, why not just make more copies of the disk with new UUIDs in case you need another image.

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