Wednesday, July 25, 2012

List of trainings - Linux

Linux for Web Developers - I

Objective: An intensive program to provide Web developers knowledge to manage basic development on a Linux platform.
Pre-req: Participants must already know PHP programming.
Duration: 1day
1. Introduction to Linux operating system
- Benefits of Linux, various distros, and the Centos Linux
2. Gnome, the Linux desktop
- Navigate common features of the desktop. Includes the file browsers, windows system, Systems configuration and start menu.
3. Editing text
- Use of the Gedit tool, saving files
4. The Linux Command Line Interface (CLI)
- Accessing the CLI, using BASH basic commands and text file editing
5. Getting help and the man
- Help from the windows, application, internet and man pages
6. Linux file system
- Basics of the folder convention, HOME folder, editing folders and folder permissions.
7. Software management - I
- Basics on package managers, YUM and RPM. Identify software packages installed, add and remove.
8. Manage development services - I
- Monitor status, start and stop Apache, MySql. Identify configuration files for Apache, MySql and PHP (AMP)
9. Troubleshooting the AMP in LAMP.
- Determine disk space utilisation, access Linux and Apache log files. Writing a web page to show phpinfo.

Linux for Web Developers - II

Objective: Manage tools used for web application development on Linux platform.
Include graphic editors, manage installation of software, work with Eclipse editor. Writing php codes and installing additional php modules.
Connecting to a remote linux to access the shell commands and transfering files.

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