Monday, April 8, 2013

Howto troubleshoot Virtualisation with RHEVM

In the event to do troubleshooting, some of these were carried out for a recent RHEVM;

  1. In the RHEVM Administration Portal, check out the events.
  2. The command rhevm-log-collector collect download logs including from hypervisors to the /tmp folder. 
  3. Collect only RHEVM logs rhevm-log-collector collect --no-hypervisors
  4. Look at logs in /var/log/rhevm 
  5. Need to check the RHEVM database? Try  pg_dump engine -U postgres -W -f /tmp/cu_rhevm.dump -F t
  6. Check the multipath
  7. Check configuration with rhevm-config --list

 Only item I do not see is the %TEMP%/manager_hostname/log as mentioned from the RHEV website.

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