Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tables in Moodle appear without border lines.

Tables in Moodle 2 will tend to have this issue where users just can't get the grid lines to appear. Another description for this, is the border lines appear during editing, but is not displayed when it is saved and viewed as a normal content page.

The misleading choice was to right click and edit using "Table properties". Did not work in what ever combination that was made.

Following are steps that can be taken when creating a standard table from scratch in Moodle.

Step 1: Right click on the existing table. Choose Cell ->Table cell properties.
It does look like we are changing one cell, but bear with me to get this applied to the whole table.

Step 2: Choose the Advanced tab. Click on the Border color's colour selection box.

Step 3: Choose a colour. Better still click on Palette or Named tabs to choose a standard colour. Click Apply. In this example, Black or #000000 is choosen as the border line colour.

Step 4: At the dropdown box choose "Update all cells in table", click "Update".

Step 5: Save changes to the page where the table is added and view the table with the border lines.

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