Monday, June 22, 2015

Accessing password for D-Link provided by TM Unifi

As a note, if the admin password is lost or forgotten, there is a way to access the admin console for the D-Link routers (DIR-615) before 2015.

Some people say, better to just don't share it but, some may say that its public knowledge anyways.

Method 1: Brute force attack. Or in layman term, guess the admin password (Its either empty or admin).
Method 2: Use a feature within the router. Not sure if newer routers have the same feature. See below;

Step 1

Connect a PC to the router (LAN or wireless) and open a web browser URL at

This should show the admin page of the router.

Step 2

Change the URL to

It will display the login password for admin.

Kid: mean I can change the password as much as I like but anyone can view the password?
Tech support: Err... yeah.
Kid: Time to change the router?
Tech support: You could. We can arrange for the technician to come over.

TM unifi has updated their routers remotely. Please check, if you see your password displayed, contact them for a fix.

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