Wednesday, February 6, 2008

[OOo] Outlook cant open Office attachments

After a migration to it is likely that MS Office is removed. This leaves a problem of existing programs like Outlook that receives Word documents as attachments. When a user tries to open, it gives an error that MS Word is required.
"Cannot load word for windows 6.0 files "

Users can save the attachment then open it with the Windows File Explorer (double click). The same goes for trying to open Excel and PowerPoint files.

A permanent solution is to open the Windows File Explorer (Example: Open My Folder) and at the menu bar click Tools -> Folder Options. Select the File Type tab and search for DOC extension and click the "Change" button. Select swriter and check the box for "Always use the selected program to open this file".

Do the same for XLS, PPT and ony other extensions that require MS Office.

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