Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Setting default fonts for Writer

There are time when users need to always create documents with default fonts that are different from that of the Writer. This example sets the fonts to Arial size 12 for all new Writer documents.

  1. Open a new text document (Writer). Click on the Styles and Formatting button in the Formatting Toolbar or press F11.
  2. Click Paragraph Styles and right click Default. Select Modify.
  3. Choose the Font tab and change the font to Arial and size 12.
  4. Press F11 to close Styles and Formatting.
  5. Choose File ->Templates ->Save.
    1. Categories choose "My Templates"
    2. New Template given a name. Example is "MyArial12"
    3. Click OK
  6. Choose File ->Templates ->Organize.
    1. Under the Templates column double click "My Templates" and choose "MyArial12".
    2. Click Commands button and choose Set As Default Template.
    3. Click Close button.
All done! Now Open a new text document and notice that the default size is as we have set.

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