Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Writer Quick Guide

I have just finished the Writer Quick Guide v1.0. This is for users who are new to Writer and can be printed double sides. It is placed at for downloading.

Improvements will be made but to be maintained to 2 pages only.

The guide is to assist users who is planning to migrate from MS Office. This starts off with advantages of OOo, comparison of the file extensions, online help and exchanging documents with MS Office users.

Other topics covered:
  • Formatting page
  • Formatting text
  • Saving files as MS Word
  • Printing a document
  • Layout of Writer
  • Rulers and indents
  • Templates
  • Tables
  • Keyboard shortcuts
Looks like as of Feb 2008, MAMPU and Bahagian Matrikulasi of MOE will be among the first users. I have laminated it and handed to students as prize for the pop quiz questions.

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