Friday, March 7, 2008 and MS Office 2003 - Indentation

I am having the chance to use MS Office 2003 today. Thought I'd write on some of the differences I can see. If I get the chance, there will definately be more of these comparisons.

Indent tabs
In MS Office 2003 you see
The rectangle below the lower indent control is used to keep the left paragraph indentation. The lower triangle is the first line indentation.
In 2.3.1 you see
First line indent - The upper triangle can move freely (Click+drag) and controls the left distance of the first line from the left.
Left indent - The lower triangle moves together with the upper triangle (Click+drag). The lower indent tab moves together with the upper indent control. It is used to keep the left indentation.
Hanging indent - The lower triangle move freely (Ctrl+Click+drag). This moves the 2nd paragraphs onwards away from the left indentation.

MS Office 2003 saves the templates to a specific folder that the users must know. saves templates without users needing to worry about its location.

Found a site on more comparisons

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