Tuesday, March 11, 2008

OSS in Japan Public Sector

Sometimes, I think back and wondered why I didn't finish my Japanese class which ended abruptly after 2 months. The last FLOSS Japan survey in 2004 was called Free/Libre/Open Source Software Japanese Developers Online Survey. That time the survey concluded with a recommendation to improve on the students skills with regards to FLOSS. Japan now have a site iPedia on OSS utilisation by users and vendors.

Mozilla Labs, Chris Beard was in Tokyo for the Open Source Conference (OSC) 2008 Tokyo/Spring. The conference site is a http://www.ospn.jp/osc2008-spring where the following areas were covered:

Just was at a japan.internet.com where there was a survey result dated 12/12/07 of OSS usage in Japan, carried out by JR Tokai Express Research Inc. Lucky me I found a translated site with the title Japan’s public sector still not moving to Linux, OSS which mentions some results of 222 Public Sector employees from 330 survey participants.

Q1: At your workplace, what is the main operating system installed on desktop and portable computers? (Sample size=222)

Windows (93.2%), Macintosh (5.0%) and Linux (1.8%)

Q2: At your workplace, what server operating systems are in use? (Sample size=126, multiple answer)

Windows(76.3%), Linux(22.2%), Unix(15.9%), Macintosh(3.2%) and Main frame(1.6%)

The Linux distro used at the workplace included:
RedHat, Fedora Core, Debian, Turbo Linux, OpenSuse and CentOS.

Well, looks like if Malaysia did a similar survey what do you think would be the result?

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