Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The thin client for XDMCP

This is a continuation of the previous blog on XDMCP. Firstly we start off with the definition of an XMDCP client. The client is actually an xserver that collects information of the mouse, keyboard and other X matters from a XDMCP server. Well, atleast that is the easiest way to explain. An example of such a client is the multipurpose Xnest.

The Xnest software states the following:
Xnest is a client of the real server which manages windows and graphics requests on its behalf. Xnest is a server to its own clients. Xnest manages windows and graphics requests on their behalf. To these clients Xnest appears to be a conventional server.

The client environment I have tested is on Linux CentOs 5.1. On the XDMCP server is a user called username with the password as password. The example server IP used is

1. Login to a graphical environment (I use GNOME) as a normal user. Choose Applications ->Accessories ->Terminal

2. At the terminal type the following:
$ ssh -X username@
$ Xnest :1 -geometry 800x600 -query

3. Login with the given name and password.

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