Monday, March 24, 2008

yum with RHEL 5.x and CentOS 5.x

CentOS and RHEL uses the yum tool to install and keep software updated. This manages and tracks the software installed and its dependencies as long as there is an Internet connection. Yum is a kind of front-end to the rpm tool to manage installation of software. The softwarename here refers to a package name. Here are some yum related information that requires root access.


1. RHEL needs to register with RHN before yum can access its resources. Use the command:

2. To display list of updated software
yum list updates

3. To download and install updates
yum update
yum update softwarename

4. Display installed software
yum list installed
yum list installed softwarename

5. Display available software and installed software
yum list all
yum list softwarename
yum list reposname

6. To install a software
yum install softwarename

7. Display which software a tool belongs under
yum whatprovides /sbin/iptables

Manage software groups.

1. Display available software groups
yum grouplist

2. To install software in a group
yum groupinstall "group name"
yum groupupdate "group name"

3. To remove all software in a group
yum groupremove

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