Sunday, May 4, 2008

OOOP-accessories template problem with Photos

OOOP-accessories- template for OOo 2.3 works with OOo 2.4. This provides a large number of gallery cliparts and photos. The template includes world flags and maps (cant find Malaysia), Linux penguin logo, electronic symbols, shapes, vehicles, faces and various signages. Additionally there are also photos of countries and other stuff. Very useful over the basic clipart that comes with default OOo. The cliparts can be viewed in the OOo gallery view and it can be dragged into any OOo document.

In the OOo gallery, the TAB key can be used to access the different functions. Other interesting keyboard short cuts include
  • Ctrl+Shift+Insert is to create a link to the clipart
  • Ctrl+i is to insert the clipart into the document

The template is usually installed as a normal user, therefore the gallery goes into the user's home directory.

In Ubuntu 7.10, this will be in the directory

One problem with this template is that the Photos section does appear in the correct folders and can be previewed in gallery. For example, try double-clicking any of the photos, and a blank is shown. Double click on the blank space again, the preview appears again. This means that it can be previewed but it cannot be dragged into any OOo document.

One solution is to do the following.

  1. Amend each Photo that you want to view. For example to view Photo - fauna.
  2. In the Gallery view, Right click "Photo - Fauna" and choose Properties.
  3. Select Files tab. Click "Find Files"
  4. Choose gallery/clipart/fauna/Photos/Fauna
  5. Click "Add All" -> "Ok"
  6. Right click "Photo - Fauna" and choose "Update".
You can now use the Photo - Fauna part of the gallery. Do the same for other Photos that are of interest. Alternative is to install that template as administrator and make accessible to all users. That is another story for another time.


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