Monday, May 12, 2008 Annual Conference (OOoCon 2008)

The proposal papers for Annual Conference (OOoCon 2008) is open. This conference is being done on the 5th-7th November 08 in Beijing, China and is used by government and non-government to learn about trends and technology of (OOo).

For details of the OOoCon 2008 programmes, you will have to wait till Aug 08. However, papers can be submitted now at cfp2008. This is a first for Asia and I am looking forward to seeing the OOo future in Asia apart from the OOo technical development.

Malaysian government agencies have been moving towards OOo actively the last one year. It will be good if a government representative can be there to share on their experiences. This should raise awareness and adoption of OOo in Malaysia and the surrounding region.


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