Monday, June 16, 2008

Installing KDE on Ubuntu (Kubuntu)

Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy) by default installs the GNOME desktop (2.20.0). To install the KDE desktop (reasons are many) many more applications can then be accessed by the Linux system. This at the same time make the Ubuntu transform into Kubuntu!

Simple installation
  1. Connect to the Internet
  2. Run the command
    • sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop
  3. Reboot the system. At the bottom left of the login swcreen change the login option to KDE.
  4. Configuration of the default desktop can be done by editing the file /etc/X11/default-display-manager to either KDE or GNOME
    1. /usr/bin/kdm
    2. /usr/bin/gdm
  5. To remove KDE, if you found that it was a big mistake be glad that you used aptitude. Run command
    • sudo aptitude remove kubuntu-desktop
Advanced is to install KDE4
  1. Edit sources.list to include the KDE4 resources
    • deb gutsy main
  2. Update aptitude
    • sudo aptitude update
  3. Install KDE4
    • sudo aptitude remove kdelibs5 kde4base-data kde4libs-data
    • sudo aptitude install kde4-core
  4. Reboot, at the login screen select the option for KDE 4.

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