Friday, January 8, 2016

Howto Configure Static IP Address for Raspberry Pi 2

This is specifically for Raspbian Linux on Raspberry Pi 2 (RPI) using a wired ethernet cable.

Step 1. Connect the ethernet cable.

By default this connection is called eth0. Ensure its connected, look for the blinking lights then steady light on the RPI.

Step 2. Configure the static network information.

In this example I am using the following static IP address information:
IP address:

At the Panel, right click the network icon and choose "WiFi Networks (dhcpcdui) Settings".

Choose following;
Configure: interface eth0
Automatically configure empty options: checked
IP Address:
DNS Server:

Click Apply. Close the window and reboot RPI.


Test using the web browser or access the terminal and try the ping command.

Reference: RPiconfig in elinux

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