Friday, January 15, 2016

Raspberry Pi 2 and a VGA monitor

The Raspberry Pi 2 (RPI2) model B (more details) comes with many input/output connectors and of which its display output is using HDMI type A. This HDMI is also known as Full HDMI.

Model B is the big brother of Model A+ that is much more cheaper for specific implementation in an embedded project where the most minimal use of electrical power is needed.

The RPI2 can be hooked up to a decent monitor or projector using VGA connectors. All that is needed is a HDMI to VGA adapter. This adapter may comes with additional functions like audio output, additional power source or USB. Price differences are huge but here is an example that I got from online and it works just fine with the NEC AccuSync LCD52v monitor.

HDMI to VGA cable plugged to RPI2 and female VGA.


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