Friday, January 15, 2016

Raspbian Command Line Basics 101

A few commands to display configurations of Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi 2.

At the Raspbian terminal, users can access a whole load of information. These can be useful for troubleshooting graphics, program conflicts and networking issues.


1. Display version of the Raspbian.
$ lsb_release -a


2. Display the GPU chip version
$ vcgencmd version

3. The monitor hdmi mode
$ vcgencmd get_config hdmi_mode

4. Display current configuration
$ tvservice -s
$ tvservice -d monitor.dat
Translate monitor.dat into a readable text
$ edidparser monitor.dat > monitor.txt
cat monitor.txt 

This will display the monitor capabilities. In order to change the monitor settings, edit /boot/config.txt and determine to use CEA or DMT with the following lines

CEA uses hdmi_group=1
DMT uses hdmi_group=2

5. Is the monitor using CEA or DMT
$ vcgencmd get_config hdmi_group

6. Display supported CEA mode for the monitor
$ tvservice -m CEA


7. Display all IP devices configured
$ ip a
Or just eth0 device
$ ip addr show dev eth0

Raspbian: Example output of basic commands

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