Thursday, September 17, 2015

Howto Screenshot Desktop

The print screen key or "PrtSc" can be used to create a screenshot of the desktop and windows. This will activate gnome-screenshot from the gnome-utils package.

Gnome-utils contain;

  • dictionary
  • disk usage analyser
  • screenshot tool
  • search 

By default on a server setup of Centos Linux 6, the screenshot is not installed. This can be done easily.

Step 1: Install gnome-screenshot

As a admin role (root) at the terminal, type
# yum install gnome-utils

Step 2: Take screenshot of desktop or active windows

Screenshot of desktop
Press the print screen key or "PrtSc"

Screenshot of active window
Hold "Alt" key and press the print screen key or "PrtSc"

Edit the graphics name and press Save.

Delayed screenshot
This is useful if the screenshot can only be taken without user intervention.

  1. On desktop menu click Applications-> Accessories-> Take Screenshot
  2. Choose which area of desktop to take screenshot and enter the number of seconds for "Grab after a delay of ___ seconds.
  3. Click "Take Screenshot"


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