Friday, September 25, 2015

Upgrade to Android Studio 1.4 RC2

That was fast, RC1 was out in early September 2015 and shortly after that RC2 is released on 23 September. View the upgrade installation for Canary channel, RC1 at "Upgrade to Android Studio 1.4 RC1". Upgrade was smooth and without any problem recompiling target API 21 apk.

RC2 provide bug fixes and includes;

  • Update to the Theme Editor (using style.xml files)
  • In performance monitors it includes GPU and network profiler
  • The Vector Asset Wizard creates Android XML vector drawables, icons, from SVG files
  • Improved Android permission checks 
It is stable in terms of use and will surely provide a good experience for first time Android developers. With Android Studio 1.4, education institutions will surely be able to introduce Android Programming to a more advanced level, similar to how C++ was widely used.

Here are steps to upgrade RC2 from RC1;

Step 1: Check for updates

Start Android Studio and in the menu choose Help-> Check for Updates...
Click "Update and Restart". Ensure you have administrator rights to update the application or accept the request to update if such a request window appears.

Step 2: Restart Android Studio

This would be automatic if all went well. Verify RC2 is installed in the About.


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