Monday, September 21, 2015

Upgrade to Android Studio 1.4 RC1

Just saw there is an update to Android Studio to version 1.4RC1.

In existing Android Studio 1.1, update can be done easily with these steps;

(Tested on MS Windows 8.1)

Step 1: Update Android Studio

Open existing Android Studio (in this case its version 1.1) and click "Check", which is at the bottom of the Android Studio start page.

Step 2: Update configuration

After it searches for update on the Internet, click "Update and Restart"

After it has installed the update, choose to import my settings from a previous version (keep existing configuration).

Step 3: Update Plugin and other components

Platform and Plugin Updates, click "update". Click "Update now".

Click "Exit Studio and launch SDK Manager".
Choose "Install .. packages..." button. Choose ".

In Choose Packages to Install, choose "Accept License and click Install. My case above, it took 2.9GB of downloads.

Start Android Studio and complete rest of installation.

See an example of creating an Android Studio Project.


Problem 1. After creating a new project, there is an Gradle sync error:

Warning:The project encoding (windows-1252) does not match the encoding specified in the Gradle build files (UTF-8). This can lead to serious bugs.

Solution: Upon new installation, the default IDE encoding uses Windows-1252 instead of UTF-8 as in project files. Change this from Android Studio menu File-> Settings-> Editor->File Encodings

Change the default encoding for project files to UTF-8. Click OK. Restart Android Studio and create a new project.

Problem 2: Rendering Problems.

Build the project.


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