Thursday, September 17, 2015

Paint program on Centos

Linux comes with open source software (OSS) for graphics editing, such as XPaint, GIMP and Tuxpaint. Vector editing can be done with Inkscape and xfig.

XPaint is a light weight program to do simple graphics editing and carries the GPL license.

Currently maintained by Jean-Pierre Demailly, but as stated in the "About" message, not to send bug reports.

Installation of XPaint (currently version on Centos Linux 6.2 64 bits is quite straight forward.


  • Xawd3d 1.5
  • gv 3.7.1
  • linXaw3dXft 1.6.2b
  • netpbm 10.47.05
  • psutils 1.17

Step 1: Install XPaint

Login with admin role (root) and type

# yum install xpaint
type y and press Enter

Step 2: Start XPaint

On the Centos Linux desktop, choose Applications-> Graphics ->XPaint

Click "Canvas" button and choose "New Canvas"

Tips on initial use of XPaint

Open an image to edit
File-> Open image...

Drawing lines, rectangle, circles, polygon
Click the Tool icon and choose the drawing tool.


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